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I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say this: Finding a good site with webcams is hard.

Although finding a good webcams website should be easy, it’s not. No matter how long you search, you always end up on a website that spams you with ads. It doesn’t matter how many websites you visit, a lot of them want to scam you. CamContacts is not a website like that. CamContacts is THE website for all true lovers of webcam hotties. It offers you the chance to connect with people from over 170 countries all over the world.

Main Features

Viewer chat window – Video chat window is simply amazing, and it’s designed to get you the maximum out of each video session you have.

One2One - One2One is a feature that gives you the option to have an exclusive private or cam-to-cam session with your favorite performer. You don’t have to have any special equipment for this feature. Just select the One2One option before selecting your favorite performer, and you’re good to go!

Video quality – All CamContacts’ hosts use high definition cameras. If the quality of the video is poor, you need to check your internet connection. Maybe you left your torrent client turned on.

Hosts from all over the world – You can connect with people from all over the world. Sexy hosts from over 173 countries are live just for you!

StripHiLO – CamContacs is unique because here you can play games with hosts. StripHiLo is a game you can play with the host. Each time you win, she will remove one part of her clothes. It’s pretty interesting, and it will probably keep you occupied for a long time!

Search – Important, but usually a forgotten feature. You can easily search for your favorite performers, locations, and niches.

Mobile – CamContacts works perfectly on modern devices. You can use your iPhone to access the site and chat with the performers easily!

Prices and payment

Registration – Registration on this amazing website is completely free. When you register, this website simply places a pre-authorization check on your credit card, but nothing is charged.

If you just want to watch the videos and text the performers, CamContacts is completely free! You will only be charged for a chargeable video session, but that is to be expected after all. There are no rates for paying Chat hosts. Chat hosts have their rates, and an agreement to pay for those services is entirely between you and your favorite performer!

The good news is, you don’t have to deposit a large amount of money into your account on CamContacs. You pay as you go, and the system works perfectly!


The only real drawback is the need to register. You simply have to register as a member of CamContacts. Fortunately, this option is completely free.

Of course, sometimes the quality of the video can be poor, but that gets fixed easily, and is not a problem that anyone should worry about.


Bar none, CamContacs is probably the world’s best website when it comes to chatting with gorgeous performers and getting to know them. The performers are sexy, easy-going, and you won’t have any trouble with them. Pay as you go system works perfectly. Chat for free by texting the performers, or pay a small amount of money for the One2One session, whatever works for you.

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